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Features | Druglane Pharmacy Management System
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Learn the full extent of Druglane Pharmacy Management System

No Internet Required!

Druglane PMS does not need internet to run. All your data and configuration are right there in your pharmacy. So you do not need any internet connection to work. Of course, you can go online for backups and extra functionality, but not having a stable connection will never get in your way.


Druglane PMS is built to make your work easier. Its beautiful interface, alert systems, reporting systems, export-to-excel function, and background processing come together to deliver a smooth user experience


See how a few of our features can help your business grow

Point of Sale

The POS module is fast, user-friendly, and comprehensive. It delivers speed and reliability, while doing all the work in the background to ensure accuracy

Sales Reports

Our rich reporting module gives you real-time data on your sales. Get timely reports on your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales

Multiple Payment Channels

Get reports on payments via Cash, Mobile Money, Insurance, Cheque, POS, or any other payment mode you accept


Inventory Management

Products are at the heart of your business! Druglane’s powerful inventory management makes managing your stock very easy



Druglane’s alert system prompts you every time you login, and every time you make a sale, of expiring products to minimize your losses

Mobile Stock Taking

Stock taking is made fast & simple with our mobile stock taking, in-built into the software. No download required, it works on all smart phones

Finance Analytics

By analyzing product movement, we give you useful insights into how you should stock, and how best to maximize your profit

Customer Database

Keep your customers close by building your relationship. Druglane keeps track of purchases and debts made by your customers

Drug Refill

Keep customers coming back with the refill alert system. Keep track of clients on long-term medication to refill their medication when the time is due


Track your expenses, debts, credits, & profits with our robust accounting system.


Keep track of purchases made from each of your vendors & payments made to all vendors

Inter-branch Transfers

Easily generate invoices for items transferred between branches. Move items where they are most needed

Seeing is believing

We could write all we want about the great features Druglane offers, but the best way to experience it is to use it for yourself. Request a demo today!

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