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Druglane Pharmacy Management System
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Druglane Pharmacy Management System

We take pharmacy management to a new high!

Get It Done With Us

Drug information, POS, Inventory Management, Customer Medication History, Refills, and so much more……..

Point of Sale

Our advanced Point-Of-Sale is super-powerful, yet very simple to use. Track mobile money, insurance, cheque, and credit payments easily

Drug Information

Our drug information system is integrated into the POS, bring crucial information to you when it is most needed

Inventory Management

Expiries, Stock-outs, Over-stocking, Purchased Invoices, Credit Purchases, Stock Reports, this system offers you so much!

Analyze Financial Data

From sales to purchases, we give you complete control your financial data. With several intuitive and beautifully crafted tools, visualizing your data has never been easier. Our export tools also give you the power to send your data to those who matter, and keep it wherever you please

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Your customers are the core of your business. It is even more true when it comes to pharmaceutical care. With refills management and diagnostics data management built-in, in addition to SMS and Email options, helping your customers take care of themselves is a breeze!

Managing Your Pharmacy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Whether you’re always on-site or on-the-go, you can always keep track of activities in your pharmacy

"I really like the software because it allows us to do stock-taking on our phones, and the system puts the data together. No internet required!"


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